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  • Something is different here - something quiet, yet powerful... and it feels really good.
  • You sensed it as you first walked through the door, wondering... What is it?
  • It's Love - You actually feel it saturating your body, dissolving stress, and heading for your heart...
  • You allow it in with a full deep breath, realizing... This is what I have been looking for!
  • Like other special places in the world that envelop people with such inspired emotion, this space feels safe and sacred...
  • an intentional environment you can trust to support you in becoming the best version of yourself
  • through a proven and enjoyable practice.
  • Our wonderful teachers and friendly, warm community will celebrate your efforts
  • and help you bring newfound vitality, empowerment and meaning into every aspect of your life.
  • Before you know it, you will be feeling better than ever - physically, mentally and emotionally
  • and begin to create your life's best moments.
  • Yes, all this is possible through our yoga... really. And no, you don't have to be young or flexible.
  • We were all nervous beginners when we took our first class, but this yoga is for everyone. You'll see.
  • So, come, surprise yourself - step through our door, and add your smile to ours - we've been waiting for you.
  • Welcome to the Sacred Spark- Hot Yoga for a Joyful Life
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Welcome to Sacred Spark - Hot Yoga for a Joyful Life
We are a Hot Yoga studio located in Atascadero, CA and less than 10 minutes from Templeton and Paso Robles. If you live in SLO North County and are looking for Hot Yoga, you found it!
The Sacred Spark is a true healing place for our community, an oasis where you can come back to your self. Hot Yoga is an important part of us, yet we do offer individual healing services such as Reiki and massage and regularly host workshops for you to heal and nurture your spirit, mind and body.
On our website, you'll find info on hot yoga, benefits of hot yoga, class schedule, rates and more.
We are here for you!
We are a top Atascadero, CA yoga instructor on YogaCabana.com!